Time Shards

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Book 1 - Time Shards

It's called "the Event." An unimaginable cataclysm in the 23rd century shatters 600 years of the Earth's timeline into jumbled fragments. Our world is gone: instantly replaced by a new one made of shattered remnants of the past, present and future, all existing alongside one another in a nightmare patchwork of different time "shards"-some hundreds of miles long and others no more than a few feet across. San Diego native Amber Richardson is stranded on a tiny fragment of 21st century Britain surrounded by a Pleistocene wilderness. She crosses paths with Cam, a young warrior of a tribe from Roman Brittania, and together they struggle to survive-only to be imprisoned by Cromwellian soldiers. One of their captives is a man who Amber calls "Merlin, and who claims to be the 23rd century scientist responsible for the Event. Together they must escape and locate Merlin's ship before the damage to the timeline is irreparable.


Book 2 - Shatter War

Time shatters into shards of the past, present, and future. A group of survivors dodges threats from across history to locate the source and repair the damage before it's too late.


Earth's past, present, and future have shattered in "the Event," yielding a terrifying new world of prehistoric monsters, lost cultures, strange technologies, and displaced armies. Coming from different points throughout history, a desperate band of survivors join "Merlin," a mysterious figure who may be their only hope to save the world - if he can be trusted.

When their twenty-third-century ship the Vanuatu is sabotaged by an unknown enemy and thrown far off its course, the team must discover who is responsible, even as they are split apart and fight to survive in the war-torn Shard world...

  • Author -   Dana Fredsti & David Fitzgerald
  • Illustrated - No
  • Age range - Adult
  • Series - Time Shards
  • ISBN - various
  • Publisher - Titan
  • Date - Jan 2018 / Sept 2019
  • Format - Paperback
  • Approx. weight - n/a
  • Approx. size - 20 x 13 cm
  • No. of pages - n/a
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