Environmental Policy

Environmental / Reuse & Recycle

The BFS shop operates in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible and strives to find new ways of doing more.  

At the present time, BFS is doing the following;

  • With the exception of adhesive tape, all orders are packaged using only reused and/or recyclable materials.  This applies to orders placed on the BFS website and via 3rd parties such as Ebay & Amazon.
  • BFS has now moved from plastic storage crates to heavy duty cardboard ones.
  • All waste is reused where possible; for example, paper is shredded for packaging.  
  • Air pillows, bubble wrap and other plastics that are received by BFS are reused.  We also 'rescue' these materials from other people to re-use.
  • Cardboard boxes are cut into sections and used to protect large books and puzzles.

Our priorities are;

1) Reuse -  We try to reuse whenever possible as this gives materials extra life without the need to industrially process it in any way.

2) Recycle -  Only if an item cannot be reused do we recycle it.

3) Only throw away if there really is no other option.  Our waste consists almost exclusively of tape that is removed from delivery boxes before they are cut up for book packaging or recycling.


Additional actions


We have been searching for packaging suppliers who have similar environmentally-friendly goals and found one who has compostable postage boxes and use only water based (ocean friendly) inks. They aim to waste as little as possible and any cardboard off-cuts are recycled. Their sustainability claims are audited every year to ensure they are keeping up with the promised standards.
So, as we use up our current packaging, we will be switching to the new company. We will also change from white to brown cardboard packaging, as it requires less chemical processing but still keeps your books safe. Books From Sharon will be absorbing the increased cost of using more sustainable material – you will not have to pay a penny more!

See Charity Information for details of our nominated charity and donations to date.



For our increasing craft / gift ware range, we are sourcing many products in FSC plywood and other sustainable materials such as mango wood and bamboo.


"Mango wood is sustainable because mango trees capture carbon from the atmosphere, while mango furniture works as long-lasting carbon storage. The large growing stock of mango trees means the wood is readily available as a by-product to mango fruit, thus, being highly sustainable. "  - Impactful Ninja


Often hailed as a sustainable wonder, bamboo possesses unique characteristics that contribute to its eco-friendly reputation. 

  1. Rapid Growth: Bamboo is one of the most successful plant species on Earth. As a fast-growing grass, it can reach its full height in less than a year. Unlike traditional timber sources, which take years to mature, bamboo thrives in various climates and soil types.

  2. Low Maintenance: Once planted, bamboo requires minimal effort from farmers. It practically looks after itself. Even if the entire stem is harvested, the plant regenerates to its full size within a year. Bamboo requires little or no pesticides.

  3. Strength and Durability: Bamboo is remarkably robust. It’s at least twice as strong as timber and boasts impressive tensile strength, surpassing even steel. 

  4. Carbon Storage and Oxygen Production: Bamboo stores carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees.


A sustainable and eco-friendly choice as it grows exceptionally fast and is naturally decay resistant.  Its ability to regrow after harvesting makes it a leading example of sustainable forestry.


Our beech products are sourced from within Europe.

Beech is slow growing and so each tree has good potential for carbon sequestration.

Widely available across US and Europe so low carbon footprint for transportation.

The volume of harvested beech is currently lower than new growth meaning that it is being used at a sustainable rate.

Hard wearing and long lasting