Step-by-Step Cooking - Middle Eastern

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Middle Eastern cuisine can be prepared using simple utensils and familiar cooking techniques such as grilling, baking, boiling and pan-frying. The heart-warming goodness of Barley Soup, the robust flavour of Baked Aubergines with Garlic and Egg, the famous Spring Chicken Kebab and the sweetly delicious Saffron Ice Cream are part of this fascinating collection. It offers rare glimpses of a fascinating, ancient culture as it unveils culinary secrets that will add excitement to your dining experience.


  • (Author)   Hayedeh Sedghi
  • (Illustrator)  N/A
  • (Series)  N/A
  • (ISBN)   9789814408257
  • (Publisher)   Marshall Cavendish
  • (Date)   2013
  • (Format)  Paperback
  • (Dust jacket)  No
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  • (Approx. size)   24 x 22 x 1 cm
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