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The Ribbon Weaver  

One winter's night, Molly Ernshaw rescues a baby from the snow and changes two families for ever. The tiny girl grows into a gifted young woman and, encouraged by her neighbour's son, Toby, she dreams of moving beyond ribbon-weaving to designing the hats and clothes the ribbons adorn. 

A Mother's Shame  

One dismal day in 1857, Maria Mundy arrives at Hatter's Hall, the local mental asylum, not as an inmate but as a worker. Here, she is ordered to care for Isabelle Montgomery, the daughter of an influential land-owner. But Isabelle is not insane. She, like many other young women confined within the walls, has been banished here by her family. Hatter's Hall serves to hide unmarried women, in the family way, from prying eyes.

The Empty Cradle  

To the outside world, Charlotte is the privileged daughter of the local vicar. Behind closed doors, however, she is the prisoner of her controlling father. As she grows up, Charlotte longs for freedom, but her captivating innocence leads her into trouble. Sent to Ireland to hide a shameful pregnancy, she discovers that once again her father has deceived her. 

The Misfit  

Despite being trapped in an abusive marriage, Maggie Bright still feels blessed with her eight-year-old twins, Danny and Lizzie, and baby girl, Lucy. But when the Second World War begins it seems that her blessings may have run out.

Although the war lets her escape her husband when he's sent to the front, she must also face losing the twins when they're evacuated from Coventry to Wales. Lizzie seems to be staying with the perfect family, while Danny is left with a man who resents his presence. But appearances can be deceptive and, while Maggie struggles to survive the bombings at home, her twins face danger of a different kind . . .

No One's Girl

Jane Reynold's father dominates her life, and his cruelty has left her afraid to love.  After his sudden death she hides away from life, leaving her small farm only to sell the fruit and vegetables she grows.  But everything changes one dark, cold night when she finds a young runaway hiding near her cottage. . . . 

The Bad Apple

Louise Hart has endured a great deal of pain from her callous husband Paul and one December night in 1959 she flees with her son Davey to Tanglewood, the dilapidated home where her mother Dolly runs an animal sanctuary.  Here Louise hopes to build a happy new life for Davey.  But Paul is in trouble with men more dangerous than himself.  Unable to pay his debts, he blackmails Louise and threatens those she loves.  Even with the help of Charlie Fox, who is helping out at the sanctuary, she may never be able to escape the dangers of the past . . . .

The Soldier's Daughter

The Maid's Courage

Ginny is devastated by the death of her mother, her two little brothers and her sister - but her father is destroyed by the loss. After a series of drunken mistakes, her father is imprisoned for murder, and Ginny and her little brother Charlie lose the only home they've ever known. Worse is to come. Charlie is only eight years old and has a weak chest. Ginny is determined to keep him with her, but he is taken to the workhouse before she has a chance to save him. Lonely and desperate, Ginny wanders the streets of Nuneaton. She finds honest work at the pie shop - until she is forced to fight off the unwanted advances of the baker and she's out on the streets. It's only then that she remembers her father's final words - the housekeeper of Lamp Hill Hall will help her. Soon Ginny is employed as a laundry maid, the very lowest rung of the ladder. Her beauty and grace mean that she catches the eye of the house's mistress, who raises Ginny up to play lady's maid to the difficult and demanding Miss Diana. All Ginny wants is to find her brother - and it will take all her strength of heart and courage to bring her family together again.

The Mill Girl

Life is tough on the cobbled backstreet courtyards of Abbey Street, Warwickshire, in the 1840s: boys are destined for the pit and girls for the mill. Despite this, clever, feisty Maryann is happy there - until her mother dies. Her family collapses, leaving Maryann coping with everything, exhausted and lonely. Especially as Toby, the boy she is set on marrying, insists they wait.

When things are at their bleakest, Maryann is offered a lifeline: a position as nanny to the daughter of the mill owner, Wesley Marshall. Though the house is filled with secrets and heartache, there is kindness, too, and to Maryann's surprise she grows close to Marshall. But their relationship has not gone unnoticed and it threatens to unleash a world of problems on them all . .


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