St Neots Through Time

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St Neots used to be in the county of Huntingdonshire, but it is now in Cambridgeshire. If you ask locals what St Neots is famous for, they will probably give you one of the following answers: that at one time it had the most public houses per capita in the British Isles; or that it is called St Neots because some monks went to St Neot in Cornwall in 974, stole the saint's bones, and carried them 300 miles away to the banks of the River Great Ouse, thus founding the Priory of St Neots.

There are actually four separate parts to what now comes under the heading of 'St Neots'. Eynesbury is the oldest; Eaton Ford is just across the river to the west; and further on from there is Eaton Socon, on the old Great North Road. Beautifully illustrated with a selection of fascinating photographs, St Neots Through Time takes the reader on a journey through the development of this town and its surroundings.


  • (Author)  Jonathan Mountfort & Meredith Hadfield
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