One World Together

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I want a friend but who will I choose?

Take a trip around the world, meet children from lots of different places and peep into their lives. This is a delightful story about friendship across nations and cultures, in which one small child visits nine different countries to find a friend – and ends up being friends with ALL the children he meets. Along the way he discovers how children live in other countries and the things they enjoy doing – showing both how their lives are different, and how many of the things children enjoy are the same throughout the world.

The countries featured are: USA, Brazil, China, Russia, Kenya, the Netherlands, Sweden, Japan and Morocco


  • Author - Catherine and Laurence Anholt
  • Series / character - n/a
  • Illustrated - Yes
  • Age range - 3 to 6 years
  • ISBN - 9781847805256
  • Publisher - Frances Lincoln
  • Date - 2014
  • Format - Paperback
  • Approx. size - 28 x 24 cm
  • Weight - 235g
  • No. of pages - n/a
  • RRP - £7.99


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