Marketing Strategies for the Home Based Business

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Shirley George Frazier started out with a home-based business creating gift baskets. Through hard work and determination, she transformed herself into the paragon of entrepreneurial success. She is now the premier seminar leader of workshops for small business start-ups and, for the first time, provides business owners with secrets for marketing success, no matter the industry. 

Frazier’s secret is applying non traditional strategies on a local basis to produce the groundswell and word-of-mouth reputation that a new business needs. She covers pulling Internet strategies and traditional advertising into the mix, providing a bonanza of marketing ideas to solo and small business owners and to those who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

This highly motivational, easy-to-follow, step-by-step business guide shows how Frazier marketed her business so well that she had to start new ones to keep up with her growth.


  • workbook pages
  • technology tactics to market your business
  • sample marketing plans


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