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Anthrax Island

When you have a problem that can’t be solved, you call John Tyler.
Nine people are trapped on an anthrax-infested, government-controlled island off the west coast of Scotland when the door to their decontamination chamber suddenly stops opening.
The only man who can fix the door – the onsite technician – is dead. Was it an accident? Or was he murdered?
On an island populated by an international team of scientists with a military-grade bioweapon readily available, the motive to kill is strong, and death is laced into the very soil…


Black Run

John Tyler has a new mission: capture a heavily protected target from a ski resort in the Alps and smuggle him back to the UK.
The abduction was a success, and Tyler boards the Tiburon, a rusting freighter crewed by smugglers and mercenaries, for the last leg of his journey. But his mark’s security team is hot on his heels, and won’t be deterred by an ocean.
When Tyler's prisoner is found murdered inside a sealed hold on the ship, everyone on board becomes a suspect. In the flickering light of the Tiburon’s passageways, there’s nowhere to run but everywhere to hide.


77 North

An agent the world thinks is dead can be useful. John Tyler has gone rogue, pursuing an international vendetta against those responsible for killing his brother.
But he’s lured back by the CIA for one final mission to wipe the slate clean. Simple, for a man like Tyler: journey to an old Soviet-era hotel on an ice-locked island in the frozen wastes of Siberia to obtain information from a Russian scientist about a double agent within NATO. But strange things are afoot, events related to the hotel’s grisly past and the KGB’s Cold war experiments into psychic phenomena...
Unexplained deaths revolve around the scientist, and with enemies from Tyler’s own past emerging from the rotting woodwork, he must fight to keep the man alive against the odds. But a killer stalks the hotel’s dilapidated corridors, able, apparently, to kill through concrete walls and sealed doors. As Tyler homes in on the NATO double agent, he quickly realises nothing is as it seems, no-one can be trusted, and his own past is coming back to haunt him...

  • Author  -  D L Marshall
  • Series / Key Character  -  John Tyler
  • Illustrated  -  No
  • Age -  Adult
  • ISBN  -  various
  • Publisher  -  Canelo
  • Date  -  n/a
  • Format  -  Paperback
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  • Size  -  20 x 13 cm
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