Creative Thinking Ages 10-12

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 Adults accept that problems will occur at home and at work, and that they need the disposition, skills and strategies to deal with them. As a learning experience, children need to be given opportunities to identify exactly what a problem is, and to be taught strategies to help them find a solution and to persist in challenging situations. The activities in this series present a wide range of problematic situations for which there is more than one solution or more than one approach to the solution. They are designed to lay the foundational skills, strategies and attitudes for pupils to become life-long problem solvers. The series includes activities in the areas of maths, literacy, speaking and listening, PSHE, music and dance. The activity sheets can be used in isolation, as part of a sequence, or dipped into as required.


  • (Author)  Ann Baker
  • (Illustrated)  Yes
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  • (Suggested age range)  10-12 years
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  • (ISBN)  9780713683325
  • (Publisher)  A C Black
  • (Printing date)  2007
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