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A Cornish Maid

Edith Trewin, the general maid in the Killivant household, and Miss Alicia Killivant, the young lady of the house, are social worlds apart but share a streak of independence and intelligence. Edith is imaginative and has a keen perception of the world. Alicia is vivacious and tired of answering to her brother, Edwin, for the running of the house and the care of their ailing mother.
When a kitchen maid vanishes shortly after her arrival at the house, the young women decide to go in search of her. But as the world is plunged into the war, the two find that they cannot escape it, even in Cornwall. Their paths are separated and they are thrust into a war-torn world, experiencing love and loss along the way. Can Edith and Alicia still unravel the truth, or will their new lives get in the way?


The Cornish Blacksmith's Daughter

Verity Tregorran is one of the local blacksmith’s nine daughters, and madly in love with the boy next door, Ned Chegwidden, who is now serving in the trenches of World War I. She must withhold her true feelings for Ned from her parents, who would be horrified to learn of her attachment to someone outside the family’s strict Christian sect.
On the coastal path one evening, Verity witnesses something suspicious on the cliffs which causes her to fear the involvement of German spies. There’s only one person she can turn to: Effie Dawes, wife of the local police constable. Effie faces tragedy as her husband fights overseas, while scandal threatens to rock Verity’s family, but the two friends remain determined in their efforts to discover what really happened on the cliffs…


  • Author  -  Rosemary Aitken
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  • Date  -  2023
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