Born to Be Wild

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Want to save cash, your child's imagination and possibly even the planet? This is the book you need.

Packed with great photos of real families in the outdoors, Born to Be Wild contains easy-to-follow instructions for activities that require nothing more sophisticated than a small person's imagination and access to a little outdoor space.

Nature lays on magical materials for free each season, from fallen leaves and twigs, moulted feathers, sand and shells, to mud, puddles and rain. Everything else you'll need for these activities is already hiding in your cupboards at home. No expensive art supplies of outward-bound kit required. All you need are the toolkit items at the front of the book - ordinary household essentials like scraps of paper, string, glue, recycled food containers and an empty jar or two.

Along the way Hattie talks to families, organisations and communities who have rebuilt their relationships with nature with extreme or inspiring results, and she introduces scientists, psychologists and other experts who explain why, as modern families, we should revive our waning relationships with nature, whatever age or stage we're at.

  • Author  -  Hattie Garlick
  • Series  -  n/a
  • Illustrated  -  Yes
  • ISBN  -  9781472915337
  • Publisher  -  Bloomsbury
  • Print date  -  2016
  • Format  -  Paperback
  • Approx. weight  -  730g
  • Approx. size  -  24 x 19 x 20 cm
  • Pages  -  256
  • RRP  -  £16.99
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