Biology: An Illustrated History of Life Science

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The thoughts and deeds of great thinkers always make great stories, and here we have one hundred all together.  Each story relates a ponderable, a weighty problem that became a discovery that changed the world.

The story of biology is closely entwined with the history we share with wildlife, domesticated species - and even mythical creatures.  Once it was thought that the dolphin was a fish, that unicorns were real, and that simple animals formed from mud, but the workings of biologists like Carl Linnaeus, Gregor Mendel and Louis Pasteur transformed our understanding of life.

Biology has shown that a DNA chemical in every cell contains the instructions to build a human body, and all life, from bacteria to blue whales, uses the same system.  Biologists today explore everything from how life developed and is maintained, to robot design, artificial intelligence and the exploration of space.

* A 12 page removable timeline embeds the story in historical context.

* See who did what at a glance.

* Find out what other great events were happening at the same time.

* Includes biographies of the great life scientists.


  • Editor - Tom Jackson
  • Series / character -  Ponderables
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  • Age range - Adult
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  • Publisher - Shelter Harbor
  • Date - 2017
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