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Reuse & Recycle - BFS & Your Order

Reuse & Recycle - BFS & Your Order

How we dispatch your order in an environmentally friendly way using almost all reused & recyclable materials.

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Clearance Sale

Clearance Sale

50% off Bargain Basement stock for limited time only.

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It's That Time Again

It's That Time Again

Love it or hate it, it's time for the tax return.

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COMPETITION - David McKee Anniversary 1st Edition

COMPETITION - David McKee Anniversary 1st Edition

Anniversary 1st edition to give away.

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A New Way to Select Books

A New Way to Select Books

When you are looking for a new book, how do you decide which one?  Perhaps you select the next in a series or search for a particular author or genre, but there is another way.... a search by publisher.

There are many publishers out there who may not be as well known as names such as Bloomsbury, Simon & Schuster, Collins, etc. but they are producing some great titles.

If you are looking for colouring books for adults or children then Dover is well worth a look.

Decorative stationery, children's activity ideas and craft books from Chronicle.

Novelty stationery / humorous gifts then checkout Knock-Knock.

For crafting, look no further than Lark or Search Press.

Children's picture story books have many good publishers but for picture flats Walker and Little Tiger take some beating and for quality hardback storybooks QED are an excellent choice.

So the next time you find a book that you like, why not make a mental note of the publisher and check them out.

Don't Panic . . . . .   Get It Fast & Free

Don't Panic . . . . . Get It Fast & Free

Fast & free delivery available until Friday 22nd Dec.

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Improving Your Shopping Experience

Improving Your Shopping Experience

This year has seen many changes to the BFS online presence.  I have finally settled on a website design that I like and, having shelved the bookstore, I am holding more stock.  But I have also taken the following steps to improve the customer experience:

1.  All UK orders are now shipped at no extra charge - the price you see is the price you pay.

2.  Our returns policy is 30 days as standard but is extended to offer extra time for Xmas returns.

3.  You have a choice of purchase methods.  We offer secure payment with Paypal or Shopify checkout.  You may also place your order by phone and then pay by card or await an invoice.  Telephone ordering is particularly helpful if you have questions about a title or wish to arrange a different shipping method.

4.  I introduced a 5 for £5 category.  This can be found in the Bargain Basement and is stocked mainly with shop damaged stock.  However, some new items with a low price also make it into this section.

5.  Finally, BFS now offers free returns for change of mind on all UK orders. 

See the shop terms & condition for full details.

I hope that you will continue to enjoy shopping with us and thank you for your custom.


Becoming More Interactive

Here at BFS, we strive to keep the site as user friendly and informative as possible and to this end we have introduced three new features.

Product Reviews

For some time now it has been possible to review our service on our Facebook page.  This allows buyers to comment on the standard of service that Books From Sharon (BFS) provides and acts as a way to inform other potential buyers in the same way that feedback does on any buying / selling site.

In addition to the seller reviews we have now introduced product reviews.  If you have enjoyed a book then why not tell others?  It's easy to do by clicking on the 'write a review' link at the bottom of each product page.

You will be asked to enter a user name which will be published and your email address which will NOT be shown.  Below is an example of a completed review;


Price Comparison at a Glance

The 2nd new addition to the site is a price comparison.  Where the RRP is printed on the book, you will now be able to see at a glance how much you save by purchasing from us.

This feature shows up in the gallery menu,


the list menu


and on the product page


As you can see, for higher amounts, the savings only show whole £s.

This is being introduced across the store but it will take a while for all genres to be included.

PLEASE NOTE:  The price comparison will not apply to stock in the Bargain Basement.


Latest Stock

Want to know what we've added since your last visit?  It's now easy to see what's new.  Just  visit our Home Page for details.


To check out these changes or see what we have available, please click here to go back to the BFS store.