The Sisters' War

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Book 1 - A Wartime Summer

Left homeless after the Exeter Blitz, May must find a job if she’s to put a roof over her head and help support her two younger sisters. Taking a job as housekeeper to farmer George, May soon ends up getting stuck into more than just cleaning and cooking.

The Ministry of Agriculture will close Fair Maids Farm if it doesn’t meet their produce targets, but George refuses to heed their warnings. With only two reluctant Land Girls to help, May receives unexpected guidance from Dan, a neighbouring farmer, whose kindness gets tongues wagging in the village.

But secrets and sabotage lie ahead – can May hold her own in a world she’s unfamiliar with and turn the fortunes of the farm around?


Book 2 - A Wartime Welcome

Clemmie throws herself into volunteering with the very organisation who helped her and her sisters when they were homeless: the WVS. Demonstrating a natural flair, painfully-shy Clemmie is soon drafted to set up one of the British Welcome Clubs aimed at easing American troops’ integration into English life.

There, she meets Squadron Leader Dunning who, shot down in the Blitz, has been left partially paralysed. As friendship turns to something more, Clemmie faces an impossible decision – sacrifice her dreams of motherhood, or lose the man she’s learning to love.

Between her volunteer work, Squadron Leader Dunning and the overarching danger and chaos of war, Clemmie must learn to speak up if she’s to survive and, more importantly, find the joy in life.

  • Author  -  Rosie Meddon
  • Series / Key Character  -  The Sisters' War
  • Illustrated  -  No
  • Age -  Adult
  • ISBN  -  Various
  • Publisher  -  Canelo
  • Date  -  2022 / 23
  • Format  -  Paperback
  • Weight  -  275g
  • Size  -  20 x 13 cm
  • Pages  -  n/a
  • RRP  -  £8.99


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