Sheffield Sagas

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Determined not to waste his life toiling for his cruel brother, Silas, the second son of a farmer, arrives in town to seek his fortune. Harriet has reconciled herself to a life no better than domestic service for her austere uncle. And John Gunson, Chief Engineer at the Sheffield Waterworks Company, has just completed his crowning glory – the Dale Dyke dam.
But one stormy night, the unthinkable happens. The dam bursts. A wall of water is unleashed, destroying everything in its path.
The aftershocks of the flood reach far beyond that night, with consequences that could never have been foreseen. Fatefully brought together, Silas and Harriet must now contend with their families as new love blooms.



Sheffield, 1867. It’s the height of a long-running and violent campaign known as the Outrages, where murderous acts are carried out on behalf of a rogue union leader.
Louisa Leigh, a former maid-of-all-work, is trapped into prostitution and desperate for money to escape. She befriends Ginny Hinchcliffe, a young widow who will do whatever it takes to break free from a life of servitude to her in-laws. The two women become entangled with Joe Crookes, henchman to the man responsible for the Outrages. Joe is looking for a way out even if that means betraying those closest to him.
With a single act, Louisa’s freedom would be paid for. But it’s not just her life on the line, and she’ll need to decide if she can live with the choices she’s about to make…


Still recovering from the death of her watchman husband in a terrorist attack during the Outrages, Rose struggles to make ends meet with only her factory income. She takes on a lodger to help ends meet, and against her own wishes, considers sending her ten-year-old daughter to work in the factory.
In a twist of fate, she meets middle-class Annie, who dedicates her time lobbying for better working conditions. While Rose is desperate to avoid making waves, can she really sit back and watch women and young girls – including her own daughter – continue to work in fatal conditions?
While her husband’s killer remains on the loose, all Rose wants is justice. But with other crimes happening in the factories, can she turn a blind eye to what’s right in front of her?


  • Author  -  Joanne Clague
  • Series / Key Character  -  Sheffield Sagas
  • Illustrated  -  No
  • Age range  -  Adult
  • ISBN  -  n/a
  • Publisher  -  Canelo
  • Date  -  2022 / 2023
  • Format  -  Paperback
  • Approx. size  -  20 x 13 cm
  • Weight  -  230g
  • No. of pages  -  300+
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