The History Hunters

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The Vikings

Visit the vicious Vikings and find out how these fearsome warriors lived! Learn about Viking loot and terrorizing raids. Discover the Viking gods and the mysteries of their afterlife. Read amazing Viking stories, find out about deadly blood feuds and learn what would happen to you if you became a Viking slave as you hunt down the secrets of the dead!


The Mayans

Jump into the past and visit the world of the mysterious Mayans. Get the lowdown of gruesome sacrifice. Discover why the Mayans wore the heads of their enemies. Take a peek inside the world of the spooky Mayan priest, find out why children were cross-eyed and discover the world's first chocolate money as you hunt down the secrets of the dead!


  • Author - Louise Spilsbury
  • Series / character - History Hunters
  • Illustrated - Yes
  • Age range - 9+ years
  • ISBN - various
  • Publisher - Raintree
  • Date - n/a
  • Format - Hardback
  • Approx. size - 24 x 18 cm
  • Weight - 260g
  • No. of pages - n/a
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