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Book 1 - The Corner Shop on Foxmore Green

Single mum Rowena is always looking for ways for her and Nia, her four-year-old daughter, to live more sustainably. So when she visits a zero-waste shop in Cardiff, she’s inspired to start one up in her home village of Foxmore, where local businesses and artisan shops are a core part of the community.
For Huw, it’s love at first sight when he bumps into Rowena the day he moves to Foxmore. But a series of misunderstandings keeps the two from getting closer, and now a conflict of interest over Rowena’s shop might put a stop to any fledgling romance…
When a figure from Rowena’s past makes a surprise appearance, both her shop and her relationship with Huw are suddenly under threat. Can Rowena still realise her corner shop dreams and find love?


Book 2 - The Christmas Fayre on Holly Field

Harriet is facing her second Christmas on her own since her husband walked out. With little child support, she’s struggling to manage financially, not helped when daughter Sara is invited to a posh birthday party and needs a new outfit.
When Owen, a passionate environmentalist and popular blogger, overhears Harriet bemoaning her situation, he challenges her to only buy second-hand until Christmas, and Harriet accepts. What she doesn’t know is that Owen is reporting her journey anonymously to all his followers…
Though the challenge is proving successful, it’s not without its troubles. Can Harriet really keep her children and bank balance happy this way? As Owen’s feelings toward Harriet deepen, he begins to panic about the blog – how will she react when she finds her life documented online?
Foxmore’s inaugural Christmas fayre is fast approaching and will either be the toast of the town – or the downfall of their relationship.


  • Author - Lilac Mills
  • Series / character - Foxmore Village
  • Illustrated - No
  • Age range - Adult
  • ISBN - various
  • Publisher - Canelo
  • Date - 2023
  • Format - Paperback
  • Approx. size - 20 x 13 cm
  • Weight - 225g
  • No. of pages - n/a
  • RRP - £8.99


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