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A blueprint for your child's nutrition and brain health. Doctor-approved and parent-tested, the Smart Baby Cookbook helps you give your young one a head-start for a healthy life, beginning with the best first foods, through to finger foods and family meals. Including: The science behind 'SMART' foods and their effects on immunity and brain function. Meal planners organised by baby's age and stages of development, plus advice for starting solids. Easy-to-make family favourite recipes designed for maximum nutrition. Budget-friendly recipes with minimal prep and no separate cooking required. When chef Lauren Cheney's baby was born with a rare immunity disorder, she threw herself into researching the best foods that could help him thrive. Drawing on advice from child health experts, she developed recipes for nutrient-packed everyday meals. Now with this empowering guide, her advice and recipes are available for families everywhere, helping to nourish the bodies and brains of the little ones we love.


  • Author  -  Lauren Cheney
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