Memories of Pembroke Dock

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Memories from Pembroke Dock is an anthology of memories, reminiscences and experiences of people now living in South Pembrokeshire. Pembroke Dock is celebrating its bicentenary in 2014, and this volume is essential reading for anybody who knows and loves this part of South Wales.

The estuary of Milford Haven has long been used by seafarers seeking shelter and as a convenient base for military operations as well as trade. From this evolved boat and ship building, maritime trade and a strong affiliation with the Royal Navy, with the establishment of the Royal Dockyard.

These developments, particularly that of the Royal Dockyard, required a large workforce that could not be supplied by the local population alone, so there was a major influx of working men and their families, resulting in the establishment of the new town of Pater Church. It was the start of a process of industrialisation that has ebbed and flowed to the present day. One effect has been a polyglot population and the unique Pembroke Dock accent.


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