Lett Family Trilogy

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Book 1 - One of the Family  

Mary Owen is forced to seek work in order to support her elderly aunt. Catching the eye of Will, a young waiter at Letts restaurant, she strikes it lucky: Will is desperate to meet her acquaintance and persuades the head chef to take Mary on in the kitchen.

It is not only Will who takes an interest in Mary. After spending two years in the trenches, Henry Lett has taken on the running of the family's famous London restaurant since his father got sick. Henry is intrigued by Mary's mysterious beauty and promoted her to an office job. But before he can make a move, his younger brother enters the scene. Charming, irresponsible Geoffrey, with film-star looks and money to burn, seems to have everything a girl on the brink of womanhood could desire.

An engaging saga set in 1920s London.


Book 2 - Affairs of the Heart  

Mary Lett has been struggling since the death of her baby daughter. Her husband Geoffrey cannot understand why she finds it so difficult to let go of the memory of their child and seeks solace elsewhere.

In an effort to forget his own feelings for Mary, Geoffrey's brother, Henry, marries another woman. Meanwhile, Will considers marriage to be out of the question.

When it becomes clear that Mary and Geoffrey have really hit the rocks, both Henry and Will are presented with another chance at happiness, but are either of them able to take it?


Book 3 - Echoes of the Past  

When Henry Lett dies, he leaves a restaurant that is far from thriving. His nephew, Edwin, is loath to see the once-famous Letts pass out of the family's hands, and he persuades his aunt to sell her shares and give him a chance to get the restaurant back on its feet.

As Edwin prepares to marry Helen, the lovely young daughter of restaurant manager, William Goodridge, it seems everything has fallen into place. But the flame of attracting between Helen and Hugh, Edwin's cousin, simmers in the background. A fearful Will watches over the trio, waiting and wondering when to reveal a secret that will reopen old wounds.


  • Author - Maggie Ford
  • Series / character - Lett Family
  • Illustrated - No
  • Age range - Adult
  • ISBN - Various
  • Publisher - Canelo
  • Date - 2022
  • Format - Paperback
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