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One of the hardest questions that mathematics teachers have to answer is "Why?" Schoolroom sums are crucial in learning the awesome power of mathematics, but they are often a world away from how the knowledge is applied and where it came from. Inside Mathematics is there to fill that gap. 

Inside Mathematics: Probability & Statistics introduces the reader to these awesome mathematical powers by telling the stories of who figured them out. They include a cavalry officer hoping to reduce injuries from horse kicks, Charles Darwin's cousin who discovered that we make the best guesses when we work together, and computers that are built to program themselves. Written to engage and enthuse young people, Inside Mathematics shows readers how the ideas of long-dead geniuses have ended up in their homework assignments.

Inside Mathematics: Geometry helps make sense of all of those lines and angles by showing its fascinating origins and how that knowledge is applied in everyday life.

Written to engage and enthuse young minds, this accessible overview introduces readers to the amazing people who figured out how shapes work and how they can be used to build spaces and study places we cannot go, like the beginning of the Universe. Filled with enlightening illustrations and images, Geometry is arranged chronologically, from Euclid's revolution to the Poincaré conjecture, to clearly show how ideas in mathematics evolved from the Ancient Egyptians in 3000 BC to the present day. What began as scratched circles and squares in the dirt has evolved into a branch of mathematics used to create realistic landscapes in video games, build mile-high skyscrapers, and manufacture robots so tiny they can swim in your bloodstream.

Algebra to Calculus: Unlocking Maths Amazing Power tells the story of algebra and calculus to explore the surprising, fascinating and sometimes mind-boggling evolution of mathematics through the ages. How do you make a decision with numbers? You have to use a kind of math called Boolean algebraits a little strange because it only ever uses two numbers 1 or 0, and 1+1 always equals 1. Despite this weirdness, this algebra is used to create the nanoscale circuits in every microchip. Do you want to know more? Written to engage, entertain and enthuse readers young and old, Algebra to Calculus: Unlocking Maths Amazing Power takes an entirely new approach to the wonderful world of mathematics. Along the way, readers will meet with geniuses, such as Diophantus and Newton, who figured out how to turn math problems into general techniques that worked whatever the situation. Readers will not only learn how computer chips process their programs, but also how a smartphone knows where it is, what the link is between snowflakes, cannonballs and wine barrels, and how Carl Gauss figured out how to add up all the numbers between 1 and 100 in less than a minutewhen he was just 10 years old! Algebra to Calculus: Unlocking Maths Amazing Power shows there is a lot more going on than just x + y = z.


  • Author - Mike Goldsmith
  • Series / character - Inside Mathematics
  • Illustrated - Yes
  • Age range - 12 to 15 years
  • ISBN - various
  • Publisher - S.H.P.
  • Date - 2019 / 2021
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  • No. of pages - 184
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