Historical Sagas by Maggie Ford

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A New Dream  -  

Julia Longfield has a comfortable life. She lives on the fringes of the East End, in a prosperous and middle-class neighbourhood with her family, and is looking forward to the announcement of her engagement to Chester Morrison.

But when Julia's father dies suddenly, the family are left in poverty and Julia is jilted by her fiancé. It falls to Julia to look after her mother and younger siblings and find them new lodgings. Ambitious and determined to fight for her family, Julia seizes upon an opportunity when she meets Simon Layzell, the owner of a shop selling dress fabric. Together, they decide to go into business and a new partnership is formed, giving Julia the chance at a better future.

An uplifting and engaging saga set in 1920s London.


A Fall From Grace  -  

Madeleine Wyndham returns home from her Swiss finishing school to a whirlwind of social engagements and parties and to Hamilton Bramwell, the wealthy young man her parents are determined she will marry. But Madeleine's eye is caught by a young milkman, Freddy and she dreams of running away with him. However, when she finds herself pregnant, Freddy refuses to marry her and Madeleine is forced to leave by her family.

Madeleine arrives in London, friendless and homeless until a chance meeting offers her hope for the future. Madeleine is faced with a tough decision to make, one which will change her life forever.

An engrossing saga set in London during World War One.


A Brighter Tomorrow  -  

When their mother dies of pneumonia, Ellie and her younger sister Dora are left alone in the world. Their hard-drinking, womanizing father has abandoned them, and they cannot afford the rent on their East End tenement alone. Ellie is proud but she cannot turn down an offer of help from Doctor Lowe, a kindly man who sees Ellie as the replacement for his own recently deceased daughter.

Though Doctor Lowe's motives are misguided, his kindness offers Ellie and Dora an opportunity to escape the poverty of their background and make something of themselves. But will Ellie risk her chance at a new life for revenge on her father?

An enthralling Victorian saga of family and female independence.



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