Faiths & Religions of the World

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This book provides a graphic panorama of the religions of the world, from earliest times to the present. It begins with The Worlds Religions Compared, a spectacular six-page gatefold chart that enables the reader to compare aspects of the world's major religions - ancient, current, and new - their churches and offshoots, origins, geography, history, beliefs, methods of worship, and much more. Accompanying this chart is The Geography of Belief, two large, full-colour world maps showing the origins of histories of the religions, as well as the distribution of belief systems across the globe today. Following this is the Timeline of the world's religions, an illustrated diagram running seamlessly over twenty-six pages, which chronicles the story of the world's religions and shows the development of beliefs, the great thinkers and scholars, and the major events in the history of each faith. The belief systems are then examined in detail, with illustrated sections that provide a concise guide to each. In addition to the major faiths of the modern world, the religions of the ancient world are covered, as well as lesser religions, sects, cults, and belief systems.
Includes more than 300 full colour illustrations * At-a-glance fold out comparison chart * Timeline * Concise guide to the key aspects of each of the world's belief systems.


  • Author - David Gibbons
  • Series / character - n/a
  • Illustrated - Yes
  • Age range - Adult
  • ISBN - 9781903025390
  • Publisher - Worth Press
  • Date - 2007
  • Format - Hardback
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  • No. of pages - 160
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