Energy: 50 Instant Exercises

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Revitalize your mind, body and spirit with 50 easy exercises.

The book offers 
instant and effective mindful exercises, which discourage inertia and apathy, helping to uncover a fresh and vigorous new you. Drawing on a wide range of proven psychological techniques, cognitive behavioural therapy and emotional brain training Love Your Self Energy offers the boost you need when you need it most.

Full of quick and refreshing solutions, discover within:

  • Ways to maintain your health and source untapped reserves of energy
  • When and how to preserve energy and where to invest it
  • Expert tips and step-by-step exercises designed to achieve quality restprevent burnout, and address and remove unwanted energy saps
  • Answers that inspire creativitymake life less frantic and give you a new lease of life
  • How to seize the day and start your week right

perfect size to keep in your bag or pocket, this guide is designed to be a tool that you keep close by.

 Love Your Self series is designed to help you achieve well-being and feel full of life. Look out for the other titles in the Love Your Self series: Pause, Calm, Sleep.


  • Author  -  Oliver Luke Delorie
  • Series  -  Love Yourself
  • Illustrated  -  Yes
  • Age range  -  Adult
  • ISBN  -  9781781319772
  • Publisher  -  White Lion
  • Date  -  2020
  • Format  -  Paperback
  • Approx. size  -  17 x 14 x 1.2 cm
  • Weight  -  240g
  • No. of pages  -  160
  • RRP  -  £7.99