What to Eat Meal Manager Chalkboard Decal

Condition: Damaged box / A number & letter written on box

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Who says a chalkboard's place is only in the classroom? On & Off the Wall Chalkboards are repositionable, reusable and easily removable which means your message can go (almost) anywhere.  No more ‘what’s for dinner?’ with this easy to use stick on notice.


  • Remove backing
  • Apply to smooth surface
  • Write
  • Wipe with wet cloth to erase
  • To reposition, hold top corner and gently peel away, the reapply.


  • Adhesive chaldboard
  • 1 Soapstone ‘chalk’

  • (Author)   
  • (ISBN)  9781601068255
  • (Format)  Boxed
  • (Packaged weight)  200g
  • (RRP)  £- 


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