V & A Chintz Roses Pencils

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Gift boxed and ready to sharpen, six identical pencils can be neatly stored in the box. On the top of each of the pencils is a silver band and white eraser and the decoration itself is a repeating pattern of red roses and rose buds, a textile sample of printed cotton from the Calico Printers' Association, Manchester dating from the 1920s and with a rather Chintz look, chosen by the Victoria & Albert Museum. Would make a lovely gift idea.
  • (Designer)   Victoria & Albert Museum
  • (Age range)  --
  • (Series)  Inspired
  • (AISN)  5015278301051
  • (Manufacturer)  Museums & Galleries
  • (Date)  2014
  • (Format)  Boxed
  • (Weight)  85g
  • (Box size)  19 x 6 x 2 cm
  • (RRP)  £6.99
  • (Additional Note)  None