The Raven and The Eagle Series

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(Book 1)  Legion

AD6: The greatest army assembled in a generation prepares to march.

But not Legionary Corvus. He and half his legion are to be left behind to garrison the province of Pannonia: a wild place where the mountains are as deadly as any foe.

Corvus despairs as he watches his closest friend Marcus march to war, not knowing that his own eager thirst for battle is about to be quenched. A huge rebel army has revolted against the Empire, and Corvus and his few comrades are all that stand against them...


(Book 2)  Traitor

In the bloodied mountains of Pannonia, the Roman army struggles to put down a brutal rebellion.

Corvus is now the standard bearer of the Eighth Legion, which has borne the brunt of the fighting. The famed soldier has lost one comrade after another, and now his oldest friend, Marcus, has betrayed him, shaking him to his core. Sick of the conflict, Corvus deserts his legion and rides for home to end his days in peace.

But there is no escaping Rome, or its vengeance. Corvus might want a simple life, but when tragedy strikes, he is hauled back into the savage war. And this time, he won't be fighting on the Roman side...


(Book 3)  Rebel

At last, the Roman Empire is winning one of its most savage wars. King Pinnes is dead. The Pannonian tribes have surrendered. Only the Dalmatians under Bato remain in the fight, and this brutal leader holds the life of a former Roman standard bearer in his hands.

Corvus is spared only on condition that he continues to fight against Rome as a rebel, but his enemies are everywhere. Not only do the Romans want his head, but the treacherous Ziva - his supposed ally - is a constant threat.

With the Pannonians knocked out of the war, the entire might of Rome is directed against Bato's army. Legion after legion covers the landscape. Sieges are laid. Towns burn. Thousands die. There is no mercy.

And there, in the fire of the rebellion's last stand, Corvus must face his greatest betrayer - Marcus.


  • Author - Geraint Jones
  • Series / character - Raven and the Eagle
  • Illustrated - No
  • Age range - Adult
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  • Publisher - Canelo
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  • Format - Paperback
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