The Devil's Queen

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A compelling tale of love, lust and murder which traces the evolution of Catherine de Medici – the great-granddaughter of Lorenzo the Magnificent – from an unloved, timid orphan to France's most cunning monarch.

A cold, ruthless murderess and occultist, or a loyal wife and mother, and the most competent monarch France ever knew?


  • (Author)   Jeanne Kalogridis
  • (Illustrator)  N/A
  • (Series)  N/A
  • (ISBN)   9780007266838
  • (Publisher)   Harper Collins
  • (Date)   2010
  • (Format)  Paperback
  • (Dust jacket)  N/A
  • (Approx. weight)  350g
  • (Approx. size)   20 x 13 x 3 cm
  • (RRP)   £7.99