The 12 Minute Sex Solution

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EXPLICIT MATERIAL / ADULT ONLY  Would you love to have sex every day, but don't think you and your partner have time? Think again! Recent studies suggest that both men and women can reach peak arousal in just 12 minutes-which means you can fit in a little sex-capade while the cupcakes are baking, or the kids are outside playing, or during half-time, or anytime you feel like it! The secret lies in knowing some well-positioned techniques and moves, which is exactly what you'll find inside the pages of The 12-Minute Sex Solution. Written by expert sex advice columnist Robin Westen, the 100 scenarios in this book give couples a real method for having great, more frequent sex, and a happier relationship and stronger intimacy as a result. From foreplay games like Penis Massage for Couch Potatoes, to intercourse games like Good Vibrations: Sex on the Spin Cycle, you'll learn how to put sex back on the priority list and satisfaction back into the bedroom.


  • (Author)  Robin Westen
  • (Series)  --
  • (Illustrated)  Yes - photographs
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  • (ISBN)  9781592334933
  • (Publisher)  Quiver
  • (Printing date)  2011
  • (Format)  Paperback
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  • (No. of pages)  128
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