Sweet Things from the Aga

Condition: Minor rubbing to hard covers

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£4.99 £17.99

UK MasterChef finalist Hannah Miles reached 'the final three' in the 2007 series of MasterChef, and there's been no stopping her since. This will be Hannah's 12th cookery book, but her first dedicated to creating puddings and desserts and biscuits and cakes on her beloved Aga. Sumptuous classics for this classic cooker include treats such as Jam Roly Poly, Custard Tarts, Flapjacks and Muffins while exciting and more exotic delectations such as Churros with Toffee Cream Filling, Maple Pretzels and Cardamom Rice Pudding make this compact but decadent book an irresistible buy for all sweet-toothed Aga owners.


  • (Author)  Hannah Miles
  • (ISBN)  9781906650834
  • (Format)  Hardback
  • (Packaged weight)  740g
  • (RRP)  £17.99



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