Scream Street: Negatives Atract

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Fans of the CBBC series - especially of the apprentice witch character Luella - will scream with laughter reading this novel based on two episodes of the show.

Welcome to Scream Street, where the government allows monsters such as zombies and werewolves to live in often-interrupted peace and tranquility. Trainee witch Luella is forbidden from casting certain spells unsupervised. But she has a major crush on vampire Resus, and if breaking the rules means solving his problems, she's willing to take the risk. Whether trying to fix his parents' stormy relationship with a love spell or seeking vengeance on the zombie rock star who snubs him, Luella follows her heart, with terrible - and hilarious - results. The two stories in this book are based on episodes of the hit CBBC animated series, and are illustrated with photos from the show.


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  • (ISBN)  9781406367874
  • (Format)  Paperback
  • (Packaged weight)  160g
  • (RRP)  £5.99


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