Primary Science Cards: What's the Matter (Age 9-10 / Year 5)

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Set of cards Nos. 1-5.
The cards are an excellent accompaniment to the CD ROM and when used together, the cards have symbols that indicate where relevant material is provided on the disc.  They are also a very good stand alone resource.
Each card is a 4 sided, folded card (front cover/inner double page/back page).
The inner spread gives basic, age appropriate, facts about the topic with key scientific words printed in bold. There are a number of ‘THINK’ boxes which pose relevant questions for the child to consider.
The back page provides an activity in the form of suggested research, an experiment or other activity. Key words are provided for use when researching the subject.
For home learning, the cards are an inspiring way to launch a new project or area of study as they promote research and ideas.
1 each of the following titles:
Card 1 – Matter All Around
Card 2 – Stretch and Snap!
Card 3 – Fizz, Bang, Sizzle
Card 4 – Melt, Boil, Cool, Freeze
Card 5 – Break It Down
This issue is the British adaptation published by Scholastic Oxford.


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  • (Publisher)   Scholastic
  • (Date)   2010
  • (Format)  Folded Cards
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