One Rant a Day

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The heart races, the palms sweat, the mouth dries, and the skin prickles. And here it comes: THE RANT. Indulging in a volley of vociferous verbiage requires all senses to be on red alert. Afterwards, the stress hormone cortisol decreases - the body has been purged, the rant has restored the equilibrium. An antidote to the plethora of saccharine journals exhorting us to be relentlessly happy, One Rant a Day provides witty and incisive (and certainly not nauseatingly nebulous) quotes, lists and prompts to encourage you to record your daily diatribes in private. No judgement, no audience and no repercussions. And you never know, you may even feel better afterwards.


  • (Author)   Joanna Gray
  • (Series)  -
  • (Illustrated)  No
  • (Illustrator)   -
  • (Age range)  Adult
  • (ISBN)  9781787134577
  • (Publisher)  Quadrille
  • (Printing date)  2019
  • (Format)  Hardback
  • (Dust jacket)  -
  • (Size)  16 x 13 x 2 cm
  • (Weight)  310g
  • (No. of pages)  -
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  • (Additional Note)  None