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This is a compendium of story starters taken from the very best stories ever written. Mysterious lines from Treasure Island, illustrations from Alice s Adventures in Wonderland and scenes from The Wizard of Oz will inspire new characters to be created, new quests to be undertaken, and perhaps even an adventurous comic strip to unfold. Within the colourful and beautifully illustrated pages of this book are opportunities to write tales of adventures and pirate hi-jinks on the high seas, to invent new companions for a daring expedition, or to complete conversations with caterpillars. As well as stories, budding authors will have journal entries to fill in, letters to write and pictures of new characters to draw, all inspired by authors such as Rudyard Kipling, Edith Nesbit, J.M. Barrie and Arthur Ransome. My Book of Stories will also be packed full of fun facts about classic books and their authors, storytelling top tips and puzzles to do.


  • (Author)   Deborah Patterson
  • (Illustrated)  Yes
  • (Illustrator)   --
  • (Age range)  --
  • (Series)  My Book of Stories
  • (ISBN)  9780712356350
  • (Publisher)  British Library
  • (Printing date)  2016
  • (Format)  Paperback
  • (Dust jacket)  --
  • (Weight)  255g
  • (Size)  20 x 17 x 1 cm
  • (No. of pages)  94
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