Heathers (Illustrated Guide)

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This title is an illustrated guide to varieties, cultivation and care, with step-by-step instructions and over 160 beautiful photographs. Everything you need to know at a glance in one handy and stunningly illustrated practical guide. It offers full photographic directory of over 50 of the most common varieties of heather from the three genuses of Calluna, Doboecia and Erica. For each variety, full botanical information is provided on history, growth, hue, height, spread and suitability. It offers step-by-step guidance on planting, propagation and pruning, and how to deal with common pests and diseases.

Also included are instructions on growing heather in outdoor borders, raised beds, containers, hanging baskets and indoors. It is a highly accessible guide to some of the most popular flowering plants, celebrating their year-round beauty. Heathers are not only able to survive and flourish in even the most severe climates, but they also provide bright flowers throughout the year, with many that also boast attractive year-round foliage. This combination of hardiness and beauty, along with relative ease of cultivation and care, makes heathers a wonderfully versatile feature in any garden.

This book explains how to use heathers to their best advantage, from achieving seasonal interest to combining with other plants. A fully illustrated directory of 50 recommended varieties, together with professional advice on where to plant them, will help you to create pretty displays in beds, borders, containers and indoors.

  • (Author)  Andrew Mikolajski
  • (Illustrated)  Yes
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  • (ISBN)  9781780192642
  • (Publisher)  Southwater
  • (Printing date)  2013
  • (Format)  Paperback
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  • (No. of pages)  64
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