Danger Zone: Avoid Being Sir Isaac Newton

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Sir Isaac Newton was one of the most famous scientists of his age, in fact, many people think he was the greatest scientist of any age. He was a remarkable man and the laws of nature that he discovered caused a revolution in science and technology, but his obsessions, quarrels, loneliness and secrets made him very unhappy. This title in The Danger Zone series explores why you really wouldn't want to have been Sir Isaac Newton.

Humorous cartoon-style illustrations and speech bubbles bring the characters to life, while informative captions explain processes or chronological events. Each spread comes complete with a Handy Hint box, offering a clever tip on how to survive whatever ghastly situation you've found yourself in.


  • (Author)   Ian Graham
  • (ISBN)  9781908973306
  • (Format)  Hardback
  • (Packaged weight)  390g
  • (RRP)  £11.99 


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