Curd & Crust: Artisan Cheese & Bread Making

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Love cheese? Find the scent of freshly baked bread irresistible? Always harboured a romantic notion to milk goats & make your own cheese? Whether you're a novice or a more experienced foodie, this comprehensive introduction to cheese & bread making, by chef & award-winning cheese maker Tamara Newing, features guidelines, advice, the basics, and hints & tips to not only creating your own cheese but the book also includes recipes for what to accompany them with and how to incorporate your homemade delicacy into delicious dishes.

With the popularity of `paddock to plate' eating; knowing where our food really comes from and a simultaneous desire for artisan foods, cheese and bread making has made a resurgence - if the growing number of books on cheese making is anything to go by. This is the perfect guide for the `novice' cheese aficionado & maker. Without getting too technical or scientific Tamara takes you through various cheese styles made from a variety of milk as well as how to make the perfect bread, cracker or fruit paste accompaniment. Imagine the kudos you'll receive when you present a cheeseboard to your friends and family - all made by you - from scratch! You might even find yourself opening a cheese stall at your local farmer's market.

  • (Author)  Tamara Newing
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  • (ISBN)  9781742579641
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  • (Printing date)  2017
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