Cosmo: I Love What You Do to Me

Condition: Shelf wear to covers and shop stamp on fly sheet

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With a focus on love, sex, and relationships, this guided journal takes couples on an adventure designed to uncover their intimate secrets, helping them feel safe while expressing their innermost desires, both emotional and sexual. Filled with insightful, inventive questions guaranteed to elicit eye-opening answers, it offers daring ideas to make bedroom romps steamier along with fresh, erotic, and naughty ways to spice things up. With multiple-choice questions as well as fill-in-the-blank queries, this journal will get both partners thinking in ways that might even surprise themselves, and will bring couples to new levels of emotional closeness and physical bliss.


  • (Author)   -
  • (ISBN)  9781618371607
  • (Format)  Hardback
  • (Packaged weight)  430g
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