Chocolate - 150 Delicious and Decadent Recipes

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The best collection of 150 decadent recipes for chocolate sweets of all types, triple-tested by the Fine Cooking test kitchen staff to ensure delicious results. There’s no bad or out of season for chocolate and the continued increase in chocolate sales is indicative of consumers desire for indulgence. Fine Cooking Chocolate features 150 chocolate recipes from the pages of Fine Cooking. Recipes include everything from cookies and bars to cakes, pies, frozen treats, truffles, breads and muffins. And with Fine Cooking’s signature authoritative advice about all the extras that guarantee success, novice cooks and seasoned bakers alike will get scrumptious results the first time. Perfect for home cooks who want to make luscious chocolate desserts and treats with guaranteed success.

Additional Note: This is a US publication which uses imperial measurements.


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  • (Series)  Fine Cooking
  • (ISBN)  9781600859588
  • (Publisher)  Taunton
  • (Printing date)  2013
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