C'est la Vie Colouring Book

Condition: New

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Intricate drawings immerse you in a world full of exotic creatures. Animals, birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians are arranged in a spectacular array of visual treats. Create as you colour, and translate your imagination on to the pages of this captivating animal kingdom. Intermittent splashes of colour offer you scope to unleash your artistic skills and reward you with a finished picture to show for your endeavours.

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  • (Author)  N/A
  • (Illustrated)  Yes
  • (Illustrator)  N/A
  • (Suggested age range)  N/A
  • (Series)  N/A
  • (ISBN)  9789385976193
  • (Publisher)  Offshoot
  • (Printing date)  N/A
  • (Format)  Paperback
  • (Dust jacket)  N/A
  • (Approx. weight)  400g
  • (Approx. size)  22 x 23 x 1 cm
  • (No. of pages)  N/A
  • (RRP)  £N/A
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