Bachelorette Book (Guest Book)

Condition: New

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A great way to remember your hen night and the friends who made it special. Vivid pink with gold embossed lettering, this book has 35 pages for guests to sign in and leave a message (1 page per guest).  It also has lined pages for more message space and room for photos.  Between the sign in pages are witty sayings such as "Marriage is like a deck of cards.  In the beginning all you need is hearts and diamonds but by the end, you're wishing for a club and a spade".


  • (Author)  N/A
  • (Illustrated)  No
  • (Illustrator)  N/A
  • (Suggested age range)  N/A
  • (Series)  N/A
  • (ISBN)  9781922256751
  • (Publisher)  New Holland
  • (Printing date)  2018
  • (Format)  Hardback 
  • (Dust jacket)  N/A
  • (Approx. weight)  450g
  • (Approx. size)  18 x 25 x 1.2 cm
  • (No. of pages)  N/A
  • (RRP)  £N/A
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