Afraid to Death

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A cult classic, Afraid to Death is a chilling psychological thriller with a hallucinogenic quality.

Joe Egan is on the run. A mysterious blonde appears to him whenever someone close to him dies. He lives his life in fear of her, but at the same time develops a strange fascination with her.

Who is the blonde woman? Is she a figment of his imagination, the angel of death, or even the devil incarnate?


  • (Author)   Marc Behm
  • (Series)  -
  • (Illustrated)  No
  • (Illustrator)   -
  • (Age range)  Adult
  • (ISBN)  9780486827575
  • (Publisher)  Dover
  • (Printing date)  2019
  • (Format)  Paperback
  • (Dust jacket)  -
  • (Size)  20 x 13 x 1.2 cm
  • (Weight)  265g
  • (No. of pages)  218
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  • (Additional Note)  None