3D Papercraft Projects (Projects for every occasion)

Condition: Small bumps around edges of cover. Shop stamp inside

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3D Papercraft Projects is a craft book for the avid paper crafter, who wants to go beyond making cards and learn how to create gorgeous gifts and holiday tokens for friends and family. Nothing says you care more than a handmade gift, with a little thought and cleverness you can convert your entire card making supplies into neat 3D papercraft projects. There are 40 projects in this delightful book with several ideas for many occasions such as Halloween, Easter, Weddings, Birthdays, or Fathers Day - or you can make a simple gift for a special person in your life.


  • (Author)   Sue Smyth
  • (ISBN)  9781742577500
  • (Format)  Paperback
  • (Packaged weight)  580g
  • (RRP)  £-



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